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Manoel Popov


Маноел-ПоповManoel Popov was born in 1990. in Sofia. Graduated School of Professional AV and Telecommunications – “A.S. Popov ” He has won a diploma for the best student in the field of telecommucations of  2009 graduates. In 2010 Manoel began studying Marketing at “Danish College” in Sofia.

He gets his first job in 2009 as a stockbroker in an international financial company. For six months he began one of the top young stockbrokers.In 2010 Manoel worked as a Sales Manager in “Zepter” – for three months there he pulled together a team of 13 people and has become the fastest growing young manager of the company in Bulgaria.

His career as a real estate agent starts in 2010 in one of the largest real estate agencies in Sofia. In 2011 Manoel decided that it was time for a change and took the initiative to start his own business in the filed of real estate – this is when “Delta 3” was born.

The thing that Manoel likes the most about “Delta 3” is the young and ambitious team of professionals who work for the sake of a job well done.


Toma Staykov


Toma-StaykovToma Staykov was born in 1988. Graduated “Industrial Management” at the Technical University of Sofia.

A turning point in the life of Tomais his studentship. In 2008, he began a “real” job in international financial company in the field of investments in European and U.S. stock markets . One year later, only 20 years old, he was promoted to “Assistant manager”. As such, Toma has big responsibilities – training and managing new employees. It took only six months and his team of 8 people hit number one in the company.

In Toma’s last year at university  he was selected to participate in an internship program in the field of marketing and direct sales with an U.S. company with over 150 years history – “Southwestern”. The purpose of this program is to teach students how to manage their own business in the U.S.. In his first year in “Southwesten” Toma became number 1 in sales in the category “First years” for the European Division – “Highlanders”. In his second year he has achieved notable results in sales and is the # 1 companywide in category “Recruiting” (recruiting students) with a personal team of 20 students. So he won one of the most prestigious awards in the Southwestern company – “Wall of Grates”. At that time he was competing with students from around the world, most with much more experience and practice in the American company.
Toma choses to stay and progress in Bulgaria. He has a great desire to apply all the expiriense he got in the U.S.  and prove that young people here can succeed too. Toma has a vision of how is Delta 3 going to grow year by year – great uncompromising customer service. “A happy customer is the best advertisement”


Toma Kadyski

Sales consultant

IMG_0220Toma  Kadiyski is the one of the youngest members of the team of Delta 3 – he was born in 1992. Toma graduated from the High School of Mathematics with emphasis in German. After that he chose to continue his education at the Technical University of Sofia.

In his first year at university, Toma participated in a Traineeship program with the Southwestern Company ( a 150 years old US company) –  related to marketing, management and sales. The program is organized in the United States. After only two and a half months Toma was promoted and given the oppertunity to employ, train and manage new employees. However, Thomas chooses to be implemented in Bulgaria.

Soon after Toma Kadiyski came back to Bulgaria he recieved an invitation to join the team of Delta 3. Under the leadership of Toma Staykov and Manoel Popov, and motivated by the ambitious young team, Toma Kadiiski always is doing his best to satisfy the needs of his customers.


Dimitar Hristov

Sales Consultant

Dimitar_HristovDimitar Hristov was born in 1974 in Sofia. Studied and graduated in the National Academy for actors – “NATFIZ” in 1998. In 2005 Dimitar gets his second degree in Management at the “New Bulgarian University”.

From 1994 to 2003 worked in the restaurant business, first as a waiter and later as a owner of 3 restaurants in Sofia.He is in the real estate business since 2003. Dimitar has made over 150 real estate sales.

With his exceptional experience and professionalism, Dimitar Hristov is dedicated to providing a great customer service to his clients. Dimitar is motivated by the smiles of the people he works with.


Aila Adamova

Sales Consultant


Kaloyan Trifonov

Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant

Lyubomir Angelov

Sales Consultant

Sales Consultant

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