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Toma Staykov

Toma-StaykovToma Staykov was born in 1988. Graduated “Industrial Management” at the Technical University of Sofia.

A turning point in the life of Tomais his studentship. In 2008, he began a “real” job in international financial company in the field of investments in European and U.S. stock markets . One year later, only 20 years old, he was promoted to “Assistant manager”. As such, Toma has big responsibilities – training and managing new employees. It took only six months and his team of 8 people hit number one in the company.

In Toma’s last year at university  he was selected to participate in an internship program in the field of marketing and direct sales with an U.S. company with over 150 years history – “Southwestern”. The purpose of this program is to teach students how to manage their own business in the U.S.. In his first year in “Southwesten” Toma became number 1 in sales in the category “First years” for the European Division – “Highlanders”. In his second year he has achieved notable results in sales and is the # 1 companywide in category “Recruiting” (recruiting students) with a personal team of 20 students. So he won one of the most prestigious awards in the Southwestern company – “Wall of Grates”. At that time he was competing with students from around the world, most with much more experience and practice in the American company.
Toma choses to stay and progress in Bulgaria. He has a great desire to apply all the expiriense he got in the U.S.  and prove that young people here can succeed too. Toma has a vision of how is Delta 3 going to grow year by year – great uncompromising customer service. “A happy customer is the best advertisement”