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Toma Kadyski

IMG_0220Toma  Kadiyski is the one of the youngest members of the team of Delta 3 – he was born in 1992. Toma graduated from the High School of Mathematics with emphasis in German. After that he chose to continue his education at the Technical University of Sofia.

In his first year at university, Toma participated in a Traineeship program with the Southwestern Company ( a 150 years old US company) –  related to marketing, management and sales. The program is organized in the United States. After only two and a half months Toma was promoted and given the oppertunity to employ, train and manage new employees. However, Thomas chooses to be implemented in Bulgaria.

Soon after Toma Kadiyski came back to Bulgaria he recieved an invitation to join the team of Delta 3. Under the leadership of Toma Staykov and Manoel Popov, and motivated by the ambitious young team, Toma Kadiiski always is doing his best to satisfy the needs of his customers.